FABRIZIO CALEFFI, from Milano, Italy, is an international well known artist: he has got the Artistic Achivment Award for theatre in New York city. He is a twice Premio Riccione for Playwrights winner in Italy. He has published novels, short stories collections and poems ( "Metropotamie" was published in Paris, "Architeantrum" in New York city). Caleffi is a film and theatrical director and producer. He is an actor: he acted a main character in "The Giants of the Mountains" by Pirandello, directed by Giorgio Strehler for the Piccolo Teatro/Teatro d'Europa, on stage also at BAM, Brooklyn Academy of Music.
He has been Prospero in "Tempest" by Shakespeare, George in "Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by Albee, Avigdor in "No way out" by Zelda Stein. He is art and show biz reporter for "AmericaOggi", an Usa daily newspeaper, columinist for "Hystrio", theatre magazine and the magazine on line www.agenziacomunica.it with his weekly FAB's Diary. He published "A Star Novel: the Life of Julia Roberts".


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